Kolbe Certified™ Consulting

“The guessing game is over for people who use the Kolbe System.” Ryan Thomas, Ph.D. Provost, Dean (retired) Weber State University

What is Kolbe?

The Proven Kolbe System™ is a unique combination of assessments, analytics and consulting based on over 40 years of scientific research and experience. It helps individuals and organizations leverage human instincts to achieve higher performance.

People assessments have traditionally focused cognitive or personality factors when looking at strengths and productivity. There is a missing link! IQ scores can be influenced by the opportunity to learn and personality can be situational – getting on well with a person isn’t always an indicator that they can do a job well.

Understanding how natural instincts combine with intelligence and personality can help you and your team be more productive and create a less stressful work environment.

Kolbe offers complete and powerful solutions for individuals and teams. Use the system for hiring, coaching and organizational development.

Find out how the Kolbe system can help you:

Stop doing things that don't work for you

Capitalise on the power of your instinctive strengths

Strategically combine talents to maximise teamwork

Penny Power OBE
Business Is Personal, BIP100.club
Entrepreneur Mentor, and Mastermind Host

I had the most amazing consulting experience with Susan today. She…has inspired me so much around how to manage my strengths and to be free to work the way I do best. This time with Susan brought some stunning understanding around how I like to run my business and the teams and strengths I need around me. I strongly recommend Susan for anyone that has a team, freelance or employed and want to maximise their time and energy.

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