Hey There!

I have lived and worked in London for the best part of 40 years I you will probably have to drag be kicking and screaming out of this city. It’s a place of diversity, opportunity and innovation and I have been able to work alongside some real entrepreneurs and leaders here. I didn’t quite start out here though!

I started out my career in corporate law in the City but very quickly realised that was not for me. I knew I could contribute more to a smaller team and found myself a niche firm in Holborn specializing in tracing lost assets and missing beneficiaries (ever seen Heir Hunters on the BBC?) – where I enjoyed detective road trips from London to Scarborough, and locating long lost relative around the world.

In a total career change, I moved on to a boutique web design company, managing the office while the designers and coders worked their magic! I knew (and loved) that I was making a difference to their business – creating developing and implementing systems that helped keep the wheels turning and freed up the creatives to concentrate on what they were good at. I realised I had a knack for it and knew that I could help transform other small businesses. I tapped into the entrepreneurial spirit I had been surrounded by and struck out on my own with multiple clients.

While working with an inspirational management consultant, I was introduced to the Kolbe Concept® and was sold! I immediately understood the value understanding and leveraging innate talent brings to teams.

I also knew that if I could support businesses like this, other women could too – they may just need a little help. So, I have become pretty passionate about supporting other women to learn “The Coleman Hunt Way” and work with me.

Things you should know about me

I gave birth to Alexa

Not the Amazon voice assistant. I called my daughter Alexa so I imagine will have to pay for many hours of therapy at some point. And I can never buy an Amazon Alexa.
I’m an Apple junkie
I wish I was talking about the nutritious fruit (they aren’t bad) but I’m talking products from the Californian tech giant.

My answer is ALWAYS yes

When Netflix asks me if I want to watch the next episode.

I can’t wait to start working with you!

Susan Hunt

Coleman Hunt Limited